Jola was immensely lucky to be born happy and creative into an energetic home, raised on a diet of great art, great music and great books. Jola has been working as a professional photographer for ten years and spent a year and a half as the in-house professional photographer at the vaunted Venture Photography Studio in Marlow.

Jola’s love of photography and mischief led her to steal her dad’s SLR when she was just 14 and elope around her home city of Krakow, capturing the city’s treasure trove of Gothic and Renaissance architecture and vibrant people and night-life as Poland emerged from the dark days of fear and suspicion and began rediscovering the joy of their national identity. Her work was displayed at the Artemis Exhibition in Krakow in 1993 and it was the start of her ongoing experimental love affair with photography. Jola still strives to make every photo she takes better than any before it. 

Jola’s father has long since forgiven her, she still has the camera and her father has accepted he won’t get it back!

Jola has two super cute kids. They are her most difficult models. She loves them unreservedly.